Planning approved for a medical centre and travel clinic in the City of London

MediclinicOur recent successful change of use application from a B1 (office) to a dual office and Health Clinic (B1/D1), will bring much needed GP and travel clinic services to a central London location.

We have previously worked on several similar schemes for our client, securing planning permissions which have enabled them to expand their offer of valuable out of hours health centres in useful and accessible locations.

However, this particular project was different to previous successes, as the proposal involved our client coming together with a separate provider of healthcare to provide a comprehensive range of medical services which included; GP services, a travel vaccination clinic and an out of hours service.

Making the case for a change of use – B1 to dual B1/D1

One of the key challenges in preparing a change of use application is justifying to the Council the proposed loss of one use in favour of another.  To add to the planning challenge in this particular case, the site was situated adjacent to a closely protected Conservation Area.  Furthermore, our client was under very tight time constraints and due to a sudden and unexpected change in lease arrangements,  needed to secure new premises urgently.

Our planning team responded effectively, preparing a comprehensive planning application which included:

+ analysis of the impact of the proposed change of use on the Conservation Area;
+ evidence of how the proposal exemplified sustainable development both economically and socially;
+ research to show an identified need for the health and travel clinic and the benefits this would bring to both the employment and residential populations;
+ clear evidence that these clinics are very popular with commuters and have built up a reputable name for themselves;
+ analysis of how the scheme complies with both the NPPF and the London Plan.
+ we proposed a dual change of use to anticipate and negate any concerns over a complete loss of B1 use in this location.

Our team maintained regular contact with the case officer to ensure a decision was made within the 8-week determination period and we were delighted with the approved change of use, not only for our client but also in light of the the benefits it will bring to the local residents and businesses.

About us:

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