Another Change of Use success for a doctor’s clinic in Paddington, London

We are absolutely delighted with another successful change of use outcome for our client, which will bring a doctor’s clinic to a central London location and commuter hub.

Our client is a respected provider of health clinics and had identified a site opposite Paddington station as an ideal location for a general practice clinic.  The site is easily accessible, and perfectly located to provide health care and out of hours appointments to busy commuters as well as local residents.

However the application site is part of a busy office block within an area where office uses are protected. Therefore the application for a change of use to enable a B1 office to be used as a D1 practice and consultation clinic required careful handling and presentation.  

Making the case for a change of use in a protected location:

In order to assuage concerns about loss of an office in a central London location, we applied for a dual use so that the site can easily be converted back to its original B1 designation, should the need arise.

Furthermore, we successfully identified how the change of use epitomised the concepts of sustainable development as evidenced by the economic, social and environmental role the proposal will play by:

  • retaining the employment use and providing opportunities for both trained medical professionals and administrative staff;
  • providing a quick,convenient and accessible service to workers and visitors in the area;
  • Making good use of the existing premises which had been empty for some time.

We were successful in identifying how the development proposal supports the aims of sustainable development and the strategic objectives of the Westminster City Plan.

The application was approved without delay and will allow for an existing successful business to expand and to serve a greater number of patients to the benefit of the local living and working population whilst promoting a sustainable balance of uses.

We are pleased to be part of the team helping to bring quality GP surgeries and out of hours clinic services to central London. You can read more about our change of use work here: Change of Use.