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Sustainable locations in Canterbury

Canterbury City Council has started work on a new Local Plan, which will set the vision for development across the district to 2040. 

The Council are seeking the views of local residents, businesses and community groups on the key issues for the district, which include: housing; the local economy and employment; infrastructure; town centres; and the environment.  

At this early stage in plan preparation, further work needs to be done and evidence gathered before detailed policies can be developed.  The scope of the Issues Consultation is to identify the key planning issues and opportunities that the revised Local Plan should address.

The consultation is currently live and will run until 30th September 2020. Further details can be found here.

New housing development will be a key driver to economic recovery

The Issues consultation background documents suggest new housing development will be a key element in economic recovery. Points of interest include: 

  • A clear acknowledgement of the importance of housebuilding in supporting the local economy;
  • How best to secure more affordable housing provision;
  • The need to provide a wide mix of housing – including for those who are first time buyers or those who are interested in self or custom build;
  • Increasing student housing provision – at present around 17,000 students each year need a place to live within the district, although it is acknowledged that in the current climate this may change in the future;
  • Well designed homes to accommodate an increasingly ageing population;
  • A focus on new development and its response to climate change issues. 

Given the recent and ongoing pandemic, it is also good to see great importance placed in creating positive public spaces and more open spaces such as parks and wildlife areas.  

Supporting the local economy and employment

With the arrival of the High Speed 1 rail network and with a total of 71% of the district’s working residents staying within the district for work – the District Plan will need to set out a further positive vision to maintain and enhance economic growth in the district. 

As part of this, proposals include allocating land for employment development and protecting and encouraging improvements to existing areas. 

The District Plan will also look to support growth in key local sectors.  These have been identified as education, health, tourism and business tourism. 

How might development growth be accommodated in Canterbury?

The consultation is also seeking views on: 

  • Supporting the vibrancy and viability of existing town centres through careful management, and identifying sites for redevelopment or enhancement, or protection where necessary;
  • Securing new infrastructure, such as roads and schools;
  • Encouraging sustainable travel and energy efficient buildings;
  • Enhancing and preserving our historic and natural environment.

This review of the local plan is currently at the Issues and Options stage (Regulation 18).  During this stage, the council will seek to gather and analyse information and evidence; provide opportunities for local people, interested parties and statutory consultees to consider the issues and options; engage with the wider community through various consultations.

Given the clear focus on the importance of housebuilding, future proofing economic growth through strategic allocations and the need to support town centres in adapting to changing times, now is an important time to have your say on the future of Canterbury District. 

How a planning consultant can help

Our team is experienced in helping landowners, developers and private individuals understand the development potential of their site.  We can swiftly identify the key development constraints and benefits, and propose solutions and strategies to help you achieve your development aspirations.  

If, in response to Canterbury’s Issues and Options consultation, you have a site you think may be suitable for new housing development, student accommodation, commercial and employment uses, housing for an ageing population etc., then we can certainly assist you in assessing the suitability of your proposals in line with existing and emerging policies and provide you with a suitable planning strategy for moving your project forwards. Examples of our experience across these key areas include:  

Our team regularly monitors the status of Local Plans, Site Allocations and other important supplementary documents across England and we are experienced in helping clients prepare for Local Plan representations every step of the way.

All consultation responses relating to managing growth in the region to 2040 will be reviewed and published online and a consultation to prepare potential options will follow in early 2021.

Read more about the Canterbury Issues Consultation here. If you are interested in getting involved and would like to know how we can best assist, contact or call us on 01242 501003  to see how we can help, providing the site address and a brief overview of your project. You can also submit your site via our Landmark Page. We value your privacy and any information which you provide will not be shared outside of our company and will only be used in relation to your enquiry.

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IMAGE SOURCE: Plainview Planning (2020)