The provision of suitable housing, support and care for our growing elderly population is becoming an increasingly vital consideration.

Whether you are seeking to build an annexe for a relative or to develop a nursing home we understand the needs of the sector and the requisite arguments to make the best case for your proposed development.


The route to planning permission for this type of development can be a long one, but having a solid planning strategy from the start will make the process smoother; from assessing the feasibility of development on your chosen site, making the most of your pre-application meeting, right through to application submission and beyond, our team add value to schemes with their strategic understanding of the sector.

Project examples include a 66 bed nursing home in Bexley, London.   MORE


Converting an existing building into a nursing home or assisted living accommodation can be an effective use of an underused dwelling or site. Depending on the scale and nature of your proposed conversion we can assist you with the necessary applications and guide you through each stage of the planning process to a decision.

Read about our experience with conversions from a pub to 31-bed hotel; an office to residential flats in Cheltenham; and our work for health clinics in London.   MORE


An annexe can present an ideal solution for many families; providing living accommodation for an older relative and ensuring care can be close at hand, whilst still enabling them to maintain a level of independence.

We work both with individuals and on a retainer basis for a number of national providers of annexe accommodation and we are very adept at negotiating our clients through the planning process for this type of development; from an architect designed annexe in a conservation area; through to a successful appeal and award of costs for an annexe in Essex.   MORE

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