Top ten most active planning enforcement departments

Data from the 12 months preceding March 2014 shows that 4,698 enforcement notices were served by Local Planning Authorities.

The London Borough of Newham leads the charge, having issued 451 notices alone. This represents 10% of all issued enforcement notices in England.

In fact, the only non-London Council in the top ten is East Hertfordshire. It is not surprising that London dominates the list given the immense social pressures it is under, coupled with such a high density of listed buildings and conservation areas.

  1. London Borough of Newham = 451
  2. City of Westminster = 212
  3. London Borough of Brent = 193
  4. London Borough of Hounslow = 144
  5. London Borough of Barnet = 124
  6. London Borough of Waltham Forest = 124
  7. London Borough of Haringey = 99
  8. East Hertfordshire = 91
  9. London Borough of Tower Hamlets = 77
  10. London Borough of Ealing = 75

Enforcement Notice tips

Plainview Planning regularly represent clients facing enforcement action. The two most important things to remember are:

1) Don’t ignore it! Once an enforcement notice takes effect your options become limited;

2) Remember enforcement action is discretionary – early intervention and negotiation is generally preferable to taking the case to appeal.

There are a number of options open to you – but it is important that you move quickly. Possible options include:

  • Submit a retrospective application;
  • Submit a Certificate of Lawfulness application;
  • Negotiate with the enforcement officer;
  • Enforcement appeal.

We can help you choose the appropriate route and take you through the process.