The toughest planning departments

Everyone seems to think that their own Local Planning Authority (LPA) is ‘notoriously difficult’ to secure planning permission from. Well, we thought we would actually look into which LPAs are toughest to get your development past.

My favourite fact that we unearthed from this exercise is that the London Borough of Barnet refused more planning applications than the entire North East region combined, with 1,360 applications refused last year. An impressive feat!

We appreciate that development control is a vital function of planning departments, but are some LPAs just too tight? Time and again clients come to us for help after a seemingly innocuous development has been knocked back. Yes, of course we can appeal the decision, and even go for costs if the LPA have been unreasonable, but during these tough economic times a little leniency can go a long way.

If you are faced with a tough LPA, don’t despair. Over the past year we have been involved with planning projects at all of the Councils listed, except for Spelthorne and Rochford, and yet still managed to secure a national success rate of 90.1% for  all our planning applications.

We aim to submit dynamic and persuasive planning applications for all our projects, drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of the very best planners, architects, transport consultants and graphic designers.

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