Successful public consultation event for a 61-bed hotel in Windsor

It was busy weekend with the Plainview Team on hand answering questions and responding to feedback at a public consultation event for the proposed redevelopment of a site in Windsor, to create a 61-bed hotel and restaurant.

The site:

The site has been in the same family ownership for several generations, and the purpose behind the development is to enable the current owners to continue the legacy of their predecessors by contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of the town of Windsor.  

The scheme:

At present the site runs as a garage and car sales enterprise. The proposed scheme seeks outline planning permission for its redevelopment and the creation of a 61-bed hotel and restaurant.  The existing landowner plans to build out the scheme and retain land ownership. It will then be leased to a national operator.

The proposed scheme will see significant investment into Windsor that would encourage economic development and employment growth. The scheme will generate many new jobs, both in terms of the construction on site and employment opportunities at the hotel. It would also encourage increased tourist spending within the local area.   

The event:

Thank you to all the local residents and interested parties who attended the consultation event on Saturday and for the responses provided so far.

Over 50 people attended the consultation event and there was plenty of positive discussion and constructive feedback, which will now be used to further inform the scheme.

The consultation event also included the artwork of the landowners great grandfather, Wilfred Huggins, the famous war artist. The proposals will seek to incorporate this artwork within the hotel, bridging the connection between the original owner of the site and his contribution to the cultural history of Windsor through his artwork.  

About us:

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IMAGE SOURCE: Altham Lewis Architects 2016