Promotion of site for 90 dwellings in Halstead, Essex

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 07.07.58Plainview Planning are promoting a site for approximately 90 market and affordable dwellings in Halstead, Essex.

As part of this process we have made submissions to the Issues and Scoping document, which will inform the future production of a Local Plan for Braintree District Council.

Future growth: 

Halstead is an historic town located in the northern part of the District.  It is largely self-contained with good levels of service provision, primary and secondary education, as well as a range of employment opportunities.  Halstead also serves the much wider and extensive rural community of North Essex and functions as an important rural service centre and hub.

It is important that the future growth of the area not only takes into account the needs of the town itself but also considers the wider needs of the rural catchment area in which it serves.

 Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 07.07.29A sustainable location:

The site that we are promoting offers a demonstrably sustainable location for development.  It sits adjacent to the existing settlement boundary of Halstead and provides excellent connectivity with the current settlement, which will contribute to and further enable the  communities in Halstead to continue to thrive.

We consider that this site represents an excellent opportunity to deliver approximately 90 dwellings within a sustainable location at the edge of Halstead and could form an important component of the 5-year land supply as it has few constraints and could be delivered quickly.

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