Planning success for replacement dwelling on green belt land, Tewkesbury

site plan for replacement dwelling in green belt

Through our comprehensive planning strategy and positive engagement with the case officer, we have been able to secure planning permission for a beautifully designed replacement dwelling in the green belt.

This latest win gives a useful example of the benefit a strong planning strategy and effective communication can bring to a challenging development proposal. It is also a helpful reminder that a planning refusal doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the road for your development aspirations.

Preparing a comprehensive planning strategy following a refusal

The key issue relating to this particular case was the site’s location within the green belt and the Cotswolds AONB. Our client was seeking a number of extensions and alterations to their dwelling but, following a planning refusal for the scheme, came to us requesting a review of the decision and to see if there might be a way forward.

There is a presumption against new development in the green belt, but there are some exceptions. One of these relates to extensions, but this is subject to restrictive guidelines. However, on the matter of replacement dwellings in the same use, guidance is more subjective. Following a review of relevant case law, precedents and decisions in the area, we therefore suggested our client try for the works in this capacity.

Planning for a replacement dwelling in the green belt

We prepared a new application for a replacement dwelling and whilst the Council accepted our argument in principle, they wanted major changes to the proposal to enable an approval.

We felt this was unnecessary and would negatively impact on the quality of the proposed design. The architects at Edge Design Workshop had worked with the applicant to create a design, which would both architecturally enhance the site, and also respect the requirements of national and local planning policies.

Therefore, we arranged to meet with the case officer so that these issues could be discussed in person and presented relevant precedent and context mapping to support our position in favour of the proposals. Following a worthwhile discussion with the LPA, our planning team secured a positive outcome with only minor amendments.

Working with the brilliant team at Edge Design, we managed to reach an agreement with the council and planning permission was granted for this beautiful and sensitively designed scheme, which will have no negative impact on the AONB and countryside and in fact will represent a visual enhancement to the area.

How our planning team added value

Our key role was not only in reviewing the refused application and identifying a potential planning strategy to move the project forwards, but also in communicating a compelling case in favour of granting planning permission for the project. It was a pleasure to work with Tewkesbury Borough Council who showed great pragmatism and the team at Edge Design who brought their design flair to the project. We added value through:

  • applying our knowledge of case law, precedent relevant planning policies to the scheme to help source a suitable planning strategy;
  • negotiate effectively to reach a positive conclusion for both the LPA and our client;
  • communicate the goals of the project and its policy compliance effectively, both in our planning statement and through face to face discussions;
  • upon receiving the decision notice, we guided our client through the conditions and helped them navigate CIL, saving them time and money.

We are so pleased for our client that their development aspirations can now be realised, and they can create a stunning home that will meet their needs.

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IMAGE SOURCE: Edge Design Workshop (2019)