Planning permission secured for subterranean ancillary accommodation in the Cotswolds

A complicated site. Planning permission was sought for a unit of ancillary accommodation outside a residential curtilage.

Planning unit vs residential curtilage

Following a detailed assessment of the planning history of the site, we formed an argument that the site fell within the planning unit of the property. This is distinct from the concept of residential curtilage.

Initially some at the Council disagreed with our position but, following detailed evidence and presentation of case law, the principal solicitor at Cotswold District Council agreed with us. Given the site context and particulars, we successfully justified why development of ancillary accommodation within a C3 planning unit was wholly lawful.

AONB and visual impact

The fact remained that the site did fall within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The architect, Geoff Luxton, responded to this with an innovative subterranean scheme designed to respond to the existing context, merge into the landscape and through the sensitive use of local materials, harmonise with the rural setting. Tyler Grange also provided landscape impact assessments to further inform our approach in terms of siting and design.

After proactive and positive engagement with necessary stakeholders and planning officers, the planning application was recommended for approval, but there was still the hurdle of planning committee. Following a robust and informed presentation by Ian Woodward-Court of Plainview Planning, the application was unanimously supported by Councillors.

We would like to thank the staff at Cotswold District Council for their help and open-mindedness throughout the application process.

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IMAGE SOURCE: Luxton Architects (2019)