Planning permission for a pub to residential

Following our recent planning permission for the change of use of a pub in Worcester into 5 flats, Plainview Planning have secured a new planning permission for the retrospective conversion of a pub in Kent (Swale Borough Council).

Only if “significant and demonstrable” adverse impacts of the proposal can be demonstrated against the NPPF Framework should permission be refused. We put forward many significant material considerations, including:

  • Site context and demographics – the impermeable nature of the site and how this affected custom in light of an extremely low permanent residential population;
  • Availability of other uses – there were two other pubs within 300 metres.There were also two cafes and a place for the community to meet;
  • Creating a better mix of uses – the area was predominantly in employment use. This limited diversification of the pub use and affected the vitality and viability of other uses in the area. We argued that a new residential element was intrinsically sustainable;
  • Improving the environment – Improving the visual appearance and use of the conservation area and street scene. Developing on brownfield land in an efficient and sustainable manner;
  • Need – Creating a new residential dwelling in light of local housing need and supply.

In light of the representations made the application was approved.