Planning committee approval for 7 new dwellings, Croydon

7 stylish dwellings croydon

It was great to be part of the project team bringing 7x sensitively designed new homes to a site in South Croydon.

Redeveloping an urban site

The scheme sought to demolish an existing detached dwelling in a sizeable plot, and develop the site with 7 x 3 bed dwellings.  The case officer noted the high quality of the accommodation proposed, that the design and appearance of the development would not harm the character of the surrounding area and, that the proposed landscaping would enhance the biodiversity of the site.

However, the scheme received a high level of objections and as such, was to be determined by Planning Committee.

Making a robust case at Planning Committee

We were contacted by our client to help get the application over this final hurdle and our planning team prepared and delivered a robust Committee speech, which sought to highlight how the proposals were policy compliant on both a local and national level and would represent a quality development, with a sensitive design which made best use of a sizeable urban plot.

We successfully demonstrated how this type of incremental densification would be acceptable, given the surrounding residential context and the need for housing both locally and nationally.  Furthermore, we showcased how the proposals would meet an identified need for this type of housing, and would allow for a suitable layout and appreciation of the site context whilst meeting all policy and technical standards, even exceeding requirements in regard to separation distances and minimising impact on neighbouring properties through clever design and landscaping.

We are pleased that we were able to successfully highlight the credentials of this scheme, assuage any concerns and thus secure approval at Planning Committee for a scheme which will enhance local context and respond to an identified need for this type of housing in the area.

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IMAGE SOURCE: Aventier (2021)