Planning approved for annexe accommodation in complex site location

One of our recent granny annexe applications was of particular interest as it fell within an area identified as being a Flood Risk Zone 3 (high risk).

The scheme essentially sought to demolish an existing outbuilding and erect annexe accommodation in its place.  The application had to be handled carefully due to the complications of the site location, and the fact that the annexe would be substantially larger than the outbuilding it was seeking to replace.

Our planner Chris took on this case, making a compelling case to justify the need for the increase in footprint; and undertaking a design and context review to evidence how the clever design would help the annexe assimilate successfully into its existing context.

We worked with the applicant and their family to highlight the strong personal need for the annexe and to fully understand how the space was intended to be used.  We presented the necessary evidence to the council to show the strong functional links between the annexe and main dwelling and made the case for why this development was right to be classed as ancillary accommodation.  

Chris further added to the application by identifying relevant appeal precedents to support it.

Dealing with the flood risk:

Maintaining open lines of communication with the case officer was crucial as flood risk is a key issue and not easily overcome.  

Chris successfully negotiated with the case officer, flagging relevant precedents nearby which supported our case.  We commissioned a Flood Risk Assessment which confirmed that the proposals were policy compliant and that the site was not considered to be at a high risk of flooding.

Furthermore, Chris successfully justified why the annexe should be seen as an extension of the main dwelling and as such, should benefit from the existing flood evacuation plan on site.  

In light of the complexities of the case, we are delighted with the approval, not least because it has ensured our clients can continue to provide a good level of care for their relative both now and in the future.

About us:

We provide planning support to a number of nationwide annexe providers and also to individual clients. We understand the nuances and subtle complexities of these types of applications, and also the very real need for such accommodation. If you require professional planning consultant support contact the team to see how we can best assist: