Planning approved for an enforcement case against Westminster City Council

enforcement in a London conservation areaDealing with enforcement notices is a challenging task, especially when the site is located within a Conservation Area.

Our client had made a range of renovations to improve their rear windows and doors to their property in St Johns Wood and were served an enforcement notice as a result. As is often the case, with simple replacement windows and doors, the rules surrounding whether planning permission is required or not, is not always clear-cut.

An enforcement appeal was made, but unfortunately refused, however, there were still opportunities to try and resolve the issues surrounding the unauthorised development.

Finding a way forward in planning enforcement:

At Plainview Planning we pride ourselves on our rapport building and negotiation skills with local councils and this case provided the opportunity to do just that. Subsequently a new application was made having discussed and refined amended proposal options with the council. We are pleased that Westminster City Council approved the amended proposals.

A strategic planning approach:

We often find that when there are a variety of alterations to one property, the complexity of the case can be challenging, so in this instance, we sought to break the issues down, so that each piece could be managed separately.

As the property lies within a Conservation Area, it was important to understand the context and architectural heritage associated with that specific area. Plainview are well versed on researching such sites in order to understand the types of enhancements, materials, styles and detail that might be suitable options to gain permission.

We regularly liaised with the planning team at Westminster Council to ensure constant communication and this enabled us to find a compromise to work towards to ensure that the Conservation Area directives were maintained, whilst allowing the works to be completed to our clients’ property.

Our clients were extremely relieved to hear that they could now adapt their renovations to meet the council’s recommendations and resolve the outstanding enforcement issues.

About us:

We undertake many enforcement cases and are well versed in supporting clients through the challenges an alleged breach of planning control can bring. Should you have an Enforcement Notice served on your property and require expert advice on how to resolve it, call us on 01242 501003 for a no obligation quote for our services.


IMAGE SOURCE: SpazioModerno Architecture and Interiors 2018