Planning approved for 9 x dwellings in Dover despite complex site designations

The Plainview Team have secured outline planning permission for the erection of 9 x houses in Deal, Dover.

The scheme seeks to respect the existing adjacent dwellings and wider surrounding area and will provide 9 x high quality dwellings which will be well-spaced and set in good sized plots, reflecting the spacious character of the area.

Site Location:

The site is located at the edge of the Deal and represents a natural continuation of the settlement. Local services and public transport are easily accessible on foot.

Negotiating restrictive policy:

Despite the positive location, the site was not without its challenges.

The site is identified in the council proposals map as ‘open space’.  This is a restrictive designation and local policy is clear that proposals which would result in the loss of open space will not be permitted.

However, the Plainview Team successfully argued that:

  1. the site does not provide any meaningful contribution to the provision of open space;
  2. and we presented relevant documentary evidence which showed the site did not feature in the Dover Open Spaces Strategy because the site was not publically accessible, therefore the loss of the site would have no impact on public open space provision.

We identified where there were a sufficient number of alternative and more suitable publically accessible open spaces, all within a short distance of the site and available to the surrounding local community and future occupants.

The 5 year housing land supply issue:

In light of the fact that the council cannot currently demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply, the approved scheme will make an important contribution to the local housing supply and will support growth in the construction industry and support for local services.

We are delighted that we were able to successfully negotiate in favour of the positive aspects of this development and secure 9 spacious homes in Deal, making efficient use of an underused site.

About us:

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