Planning approved for 70 new market and affordable homes in Halstead, Essex

Outline plan for 70 home development

Plainview Planning have been supporting Context Land in an exciting land promotion project for 70 homes to the south of Halstead in Essex. We are delighted to have been part of the project team to secure outline planning permission for this market and affordable housing scheme, which will provide extensive new public space and associated development.

Securing planning consent for a 70-dwelling scheme

The 4.2ha site is located outside of the designated development boundary, to the south of Halstead, Essex. Given the potential constraints of the site, we worked closely with Braintree Council, the case officer and urban design officer to produce a scheme which responds positively to context and to identified need in the area.

The original scope of works was for 50 market and affordable homes. The quantum of development increased to 70 dwellings following effective engagement with the Council Officers, to ensure the proposals would make efficient use of the land as per the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) guidelines and the LPA’s density guidance.

This development will bring:

  • Affordable housing – 40% of the units will be provided as affordable housing with tenure and ownership guided by the LPA’s housing need evidence;
  • Community funding – A S106 legal agreement has secured comprehensive developer contributions towards further school capacity, healthcare, improved community facilities, outdoor sports and allotments;
  • Open space – the development will provide extensive public open space and seek to respond to a local deficit of such space.

Furthermore, extensive assessment by a wide range of independent assessors has identified that the approved scheme will bring no significant or demonstrable harm – the visually contained nature of the site with its mature boundary treatments mean it is well screened and the goal of development is to retain as much of this as possible.

How we added value to this project

Our involvement with the scheme has been longstanding.  We undertook the initial site appraisal, identifying the site’s development potential and highlighting the planning constraints, which set the strategy for the project.

We Interrogated housing supply figures and associated case law, identifying that in the absence of a five-year housing land supply the presumption in favour of sustainable development is triggered. And we interrogated the sustainable qualities of the scheme, evidencing the social, economic and environmental benefits.

Key to it all was the strong project team we helped to collate and we were delighted to work with the following: Urban & Rural who produced indicative plans; Tyler Grange on LVIA and ecology; Create Consulting Engineers who provided the necessary noise, land and air assessments; Evans Rivers and Coastal for their FRA; Cotswold Transport Planning who provided the transport assessments and BJHC who provided the heritage and archaeological reports.

About Context Land

Context Land is a visionary land promotion company. It seeks to fund and secure planning permission for positive new development. All projects are built on Context Land’s framework of values which seek to:

  • Minimise risk to the landowner;
  • Meet local community needs;
  • Leave a lasting legacy; and
  • Generate maximum value for the landowner and community.

This outline planning approval represents a sustainable development which will bring a boost to housing supply and benefits to the wider community. If you would like to learn more about the proposed development, then please email

About Plainview Planning

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IMAGE SOURCE: Urban and Rural Ltd (2019)