Planning approval for a bespoke dwelling in Great Yarmouth

planning secured for contemporary dwelling

The project scope was to provide a high spec contemporary family dwelling on the East Coast of Great Yarmouth. The project sought the replacement of an existing home which had unfortunately fallen into a poor state of repair.

Application heading for refusal? How a planning consultant can help

Unusually, we were approached to assist whilst the application was pending determination. Despite there being neighbouring support for the proposed replacement building, the Local Planning Authority had concerns over design, massing and its perceived impact on an adjacent Conservation Area.  It seemed that the original scheme was heading for a refusal and it was at this point that we stepped in to help.

As a first stage we carried out a thorough review of the proposed scheme, the wider context, policy considerations, comments received and other examples of replacement dwelling projects in the vicinity. This allowed us to take a step back and provide guidance on the most appropriate way forward. 

We also reviewed the perceived impact on the nearby Conservation Area and were able to argue that the weight being given was not proportionate to the development proposed.

It was clear to us that with some changes to the overall design supported by reasoned justification, we could negotiate effectively between our client and the LPA to produce a scheme which would satisfy the wider project aims and any massing and design issues. 

The importance of effective communication in planning

We worked closely with the architect and client and helped to develop alterations to the scheme which, whilst comparable in scale to the existing building, provided an increase in height to maximise views on the eastern vista. This was achieved whilst also remaining in keeping with the heights of the surrounding area. We also prepared a supporting planning statement to justify the proposed changes in planning terms.  

During the application process we positively engaged with the LPA to understand and resolve their previous concerns and worked effectively with the project team resulting in a successful approval for a large, contemporary family dwelling on the coast of Great Yarmouth.  Our successful negotiation, guidance and engagement turned a potential refusal into an approval and removed any need for a planning appeal on the site which, if avoided, can save an applicant time and funds.

How we can help you with your development aspirations

This case provides a prime example of how planning consultants can help to unlock the value of a site and also advocate effectively for clients.  Following our review of the project, analysis of policy and context, effective negotiation with the client and LPA, the outcome is a planning approval for a positive residential development in a sensitive location.

If your planning application is refused, or seems to be heading that way, then it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the road for your development aspirations.  There may be a number of options available to you, including working with the LPA to make minor amends to a live application, resubmitting the application or, if a refusal has been issued, then an appeal may be appropriate.  As a first stage on these sorts of projects, we always review the project, LPA feedback and policy and context considerations to provide you with an informed planning response to your project and potential next steps for a suitable planning strategy.  

If you are looking to improve development opportunities on a site, contact James Dorey ( to receive a no obligation fee quote for our services to assist.  Alternatively, you can contact the team at Plainview Planning Ltd on 01242 501003 to see how we can best help you, providing the site address and a brief overview of your project.  You can also submit your site via our Landmark Page. We value your privacy and any information which you provide will not be shared outside of our company and will only be used in relation to your enquiry.

IMAGE SOURCE: Tony Holt Design September 2020