Planning application success for ancillary accommodation on green belt land in Hertfordshire

We are delighted with the recent planning approval for a much needed granny annexe which will provide ancillary accommodation for our client’s elderly relative.

The challenge:

The site was not without its complications.  Whilst it enjoyed ample private amenity space, concerns had been raised about the visual prominence of the proposed annexe and the impact on countryside views. Crucially the property was also situated within the Green Belt.

Negotiating in the green belt:

With these site restrictions in mind, our planning consultants compiled a considered case which reviewed the proposed development against the Broxbourne Local Plan (2005) and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

We identified the material importance of the annexe for the future occupant and compiled relevant case law and appeal precedents which supported the development of the annexe.

The site’s Green Belt designation had to be carefully negotiated as Broxbourne’s local policy is strict on extensions within the Green Belt and national policy heavily restricts new development in such areas.

We presented material considerations and successfully reasoned that the proposed development met one of the few exceptions to Green Belt development as outlined in the NPPF.

Our planning consultants also engaged proactively with the case officer and architects, ensuring that concerns over the visual prominence of the annexe were responded to and mitigated by the designs.  The result was a proposed development in character with the local area and demonstrably subservient to the host dwelling.

We proposed a number of planning conditions to further help reduce concerns and these included a condition to safeguard the ancillary nature of the accommodation and to secure its use for the future.

After successful engagement and negotiation the case officer approved the application and used our proposed conditions in the decision notice.

About us:

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