Planning appeal success for a 2-storey infill development near Coventry

housing floor plan

Our recent appeal win has secured a stylish and sustainable 3x bed family home, making innovative use of an infill plot in Nuneaton and Bedworth.

We were approached to assist by the project architect, following the unexpected refusal of the planning application. The local council cited one reason for refusal in their decision, which came down to a rather subjective area of planning – that of design.

Our first response was to undertake a full review of the project, the decision and local and national policy considerations.  From this, we set the strategy for moving the project forwards.  We identified that a written representations appeal would be the most suitable next step and, working with the project architect, we set about preparing the planning refusal for appeal.

Making the planning case for design

As design can be a very subjective area of planning we were careful to present our findings in an objective manner. To facilitate this, we analysed the surrounding site context which showed it to be an undeveloped plot of land in an otherwise built-up frontage. The council had rejected the application on the grounds of ‘poor siting and design’ as it was a detached house in amongst semi-detached houses and therefore was deemed to be to the ‘detriment of the character and visual amenities of the area’. However, our context analysis found in favour of the proposed scheme and we were able to evidence the sensitivity of the design and how it responded effectively to local character.

Our review of local and national policy considerations further supported the proposed development and through the appeal process, we were able to demonstrate:

  •  how the proposed dwelling would optimise an under-utilised piece of land;
  •  the local housing land supply limitations and evidence how this infill site would respond to housing need;
  •  the sustainable qualities of the development, in environmental, social and economic terms;
  •  useful precedents to support an approval.

Using PlanTech to support a planning appeal

Regarding sourcing relevant appeal precedents, at Plainview Planning Ltd we have designed a free text search of the entire appeals database which updates in real time.  This enables us to search for the most relevant and recent appeal decisions. In this instance our appeal research enabled us to source the most pertinent and timely decisions which helped support our justifications in favour of the development.

The appeal outcome

The Planning Inspector agreed with our pragmatic approach at appeal, stating in the decision that “the appeal scheme would not appear an incongruous or unduly conspicuous form of development”.  We are so pleased that through careful presentation of the facts, we were able to help secure planning approval for this sustainable development.

If you have recently had your planning application refused and aren’t sure about your next steps, then contact our planning team to see how we can best help you. You can find out more about our approach to planning appeals here, or alternatively, contact us via to receive a no obligation fee quote for our services.

IMAGE SOURCE: Image from Pixabay (2018)