Outline Planning Permission granted for two new dwellings in Charing Heath, Kent.

Securing planning permission in rural locations can often be a difficult planning balance to master. We have been working in tandem with a local Kent-based architect, Philip Baston, to achieve a successful outcome for our client.

The proposed scheme sought outline permission to build 2x homes on a plot of land located outside of the settlement boundary, adjacent to a Grade II listed building and sited within a small village with limited services.

How Plainview added value:

Our remit was to prepare a planning, design and access statement for the scheme which  included:

  • A thorough site analysis;
  • Planning precedent research & assessment;
  • A sustainability review;
  • Local and national policy analysis;
  • A review of access issues;
  • Local context.

Our planning statement set out a detailed justification for the scheme, highlighting that Ashford does not have a 5-year housing land supply. We successfully identified how the proposed development would positively contribute to local housing land supply issues;  would make efficient use of the land; would provide a sustainable extension to this rural settlement, without causing harm to either its rural or historic setting; and the economic benefits of the scheme.

Working with architects to drive a single cohesive approach to building new homes:

Whilst we set out the relevant justifications for the scheme in planning terms, the architect Philip Baston produced a high quality design that reflected the characteristics of the area. Together we demonstrated that this development would create much needed additional housing in the locality, without causing undue harm to the setting of a listed building, nor impacting the amenity of surrounding properties. Our research and inputs, helped to establish a design and layout which would deliver a high quality and positive development.

We are delighted to say that Ashford Borough Council acted positively and approved this application promptly.

IMAGE SOURCE: Philip Baston Architects (2017)

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