Local Plan Review in Stroud – have your say

StroudLPThe deadline for comments to Stroud District Council’s Local Plan Review is fast approaching.

The review represents an excellent opportunity to steer future planning policies. There is also scope for landowners/developers to get sites allocated for future development.

You can submit sites for consideration if they are:

  • Suitable for new housing development of five dwellings or more; or
  • 0.25 hectares or at least 500 square metres of floorspace, which could be suitable for economic development, other residential development, retail or community use.

You need to get your comments to Stroud by Tuesday 5th December.

Full details are available here:

Stroud District Local Plan Review

How we can help:

At Plainview we can help coordinate and manage your submission to ensure that the Council is provided with persuasive documentation.

Feel free to contact us via or on 01242 501003 to discuss your requirements.