Large annexe accommodation and extensions secured for Green Belt dwelling

Drawings of extension by Rob ParishBrief:

We provided full planning consultancy support on the erection of a large side and rear extension in the Metropolitan Green Belt, to provide much needed granny annexe accommodation.


Our client came to us needing help to secure extra living space to enable them to care for their elderly relative and to modernise parts of the property in need of repair.

Working with an architect, they had devised a scheme which sought to incorporate annexe accommodation into a large wrap around extension which would require several dilapidated lean-tos to be demolished.  The proposals were extensive and would see the footprint of the existing dwelling increase by 62 sqm.

Furthermore the site sits within the Metropolitan Green Belt which is a very challenging designation to overcome, with severe guidelines restricting any development that might be deemed ‘inappropriate’ or may impact on the ‘openness and permanence’ of the green belt.

Establishing the principle of development:

We prepared a planning statement that carefully ratified the design, size, placement and reasoning behind the proposed development, which included:

  • A site context review to justify how the proposed development, although large in scale, would not impact on the openness of the land;
  • A review of local and national policy to support our arguments in relation to maximum percentage increase for extensions;
  • Presentation of relevant examples and decisions to ensure consistency in decision making;
  • We commissioned the necessary surveys to justify the requirements for the replacement structures;
  • And undertook a review of the design & material aspects of the extension to show how it would remain subordinate to the main dwelling & be in-keeping with the original design.

Our visual impact and context examples ensured that the proposed development was shown to be in compliance with the local planning policies and would not impinge on the Green Belt guidelines.

We were delighted that the case officer at Chelmsford City Council agreed with our rationale and felt like us that the site size was suitable for the larger extension and would provide useful ancillary accommodation and a visual improvement to the building.

About us:

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