Interactive map of latest housing data and new build homes in England

Yesterday the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) released new housing data on the net additional dwellings in England up to 2017 to 2018. We have run this data and produced an interactive map which shows the net additional dwellings for each local authority.

Visualising data using GIS mapping systems

Plainview Planning’s GIS team have taken the data published by ONS and MHCLG and have used it to create an interactive map, which provides a more visual means of accessing and reviewing the data.

The map not only highlights the additional new build figures via a colour coded key, you can also see a breakdown of those net additions by clicking on each Local Planning Authority.

This map provides a practical example of how Plainview Planning add value to datasets. Feel free to explore the data in our new online map, below.

What does the latest housing data on net additional dwellings mean?

The new housing data presents estimates of changes in the size of the dwelling stock in England and this annual net change has been broken down into the following component areas:

+ new house building completions;
+ conversions – e.g house into flats
+ changes of use – e.g a shop into a house
+ demolitions and other changes to the dwelling stock.

Annual housing supply in England amounted to 222,190 net additional dwellings in 2017-18, up 2 per cent on 2016-17. The ‘net additional dwelling’ figures are based on local authority estimates of gains and losses during each year and are calculated using sources such as council tax base, site visits and building control. This statistical release represents the most comprehensive measure of housing supply.

Net additions from new builds, change of use and permitted development rights

The 222,190 net additions in 2017-18 resulted from 195,290 new build homes, 29,720 gains from change of use between non-domestic and residential, 4,550 from conversions between houses and flats and 680 other gains(caravans, houseboats etc.), offset by 8,050 demolitions.

13,526 of the net additions from change of use were through ‘permitted development rights’ (full planning permission not required). These comprised 11,555 additional dwellings from former offices, 743 from agricultural buildings, 218 from storage buildings, 110 from light industrial buildings and 900 from other non-domestic buildings.


RESOURCES:  Housing supply; net additional dwellings, England 2017-2018 (MHCLG)
IMAGE SOURCE: Plainview Planning 2018