Braintree to increase housing numbers

Braintree District Council has recently published its new ‘Strategic Housing Market Assessment’ which highlights that there is a need to deliver between 760 and 885 dwellings across the District per annum until 2026. This is far greater than the number of dwellings being planned for in the current Braintree District Core Strategy.

In light of this new evidence the Council has decided to abandon the Submission Site Allocations and Development Management Plan, and instead immediately begin work on a new Braintree District Local Plan.

This situation represents an excellent opportunity to promote land for inclusion as a residential allocation in the new Local Plan, particularly for those land owners who have sites on the edge of existing urban areas such as Braintree, Witham, Halstead, Hatfield Peverel and Great Notley.

Plainview Planning is actively promoting a number of sites across Essex and has a wealth of local expertise in this field. If you have a piece of land within the Braintree District area and would like to explore the possibility of promoting it through the local plan, then please contact one of our planning consultants on 01245 201226 or