Appeal success for family home in Grimsby

We are delighted with the recent appeal decision to allow planning permission for a three bed home in Grimsby.

Following a history of previous refusals and appeals, we were brought on board to assist. We worked with the client to advise how best to amend the scheme to directly address the concerns of the council. We submitted a revised application and upon refusal, felt the case for appeal was robust. The Inspector agreed with the points of our case and permission was granted.

The key issues to negotiate included: an accusation of ‘garden grabbing’ and over development of the site; the impact on the street scene of the conservation area; the overbearing nature of design and impact on amenity. All of which were successfully debated and overcome.

We refuted the suggestion of over development as the site benefitted from a corner plot with generous land surrounding it and as such, represented a highly efficient use of land in a sustainable town location which responded to the historic development pattern. We also successfully argued that the term ‘garden grabbing’ was irrelevant in current policy.

Further to this we undertook extensive research into the housing figures and identified a significant need for housing in the authority area. In terms of the site’s sustainable credentials, we justified how the development accorded with the local development plan and national planning policies.

In order to negate concerns over the impact on the Conservation Area, we highlighted nearby precedent of style and scale, providing evidence that the scheme responded to and respected local character whilst ensuring appropriate and quality living space.

In terms of design, we recommended certain adjustments to directly respond to the concerns of the Council. It was agreed that as shown by our light assessment survey, the degree of overshadowing did not amount to demonstrable harm.

The appeal was upheld and planning permission granted for the new dwelling.