Another Permission in Principle submitted for up to 9 affordable dwellings in Essex

We are pleased to share the news that a further “Permission in Principle” (PiP) development has been submitted to Maldon District Council this month for the development of up to 9 discount market dwellings. In addition to providing much needed new local affordable housing, the proposal comes with the opportunity to provide additional land for a nearby primary school and nursery.

Benefits of a PiP application rather than a full application

There are a variety of routes for gaining planning permission for a residential development, but each option comes with their own risks, opportunities and associated costs. Timings, budget, site area and risk appetite are all important factors to consider.  Permission in Principle (or PiP for short) applications are relatively new in the world of planning and allow applicants to submit sites that are less than 0.5 ha for developments of up to 9 dwellings.

The area and unit number limitations can be constraints for some larger sites/developments, but for smaller sites they can offer a less costly option than submitting a full or outline application as no technical reports or detailed plans are formally required (other than a location plan) and the determination period is shorter (normally 5 weeks post validation). This allows landowners to test the “principle” of development without significant financial investment upfront.

To submit a PiP, the minimum you require is:

  • Location;
  • Land use, and;
  • Amount of development.

We also strongly recommend a Planning Statement to justify the principle of the development, and occasionally other professional reports can assist in justifying the principle. 

Once consent is secured for a PiP (stage 1)  then you can go back in with a technical details application (stage 2)  to provide more details to the local planning authority. At this point you will require full plans and necessary technical reports (e.g. Flood Risk, Heritage, Highways, Ecology, Contamination). However, with a PiP in hand you should feel more confident commissioning this additional work. Bear in mind that you need both stages approved in order to secure full planning permission.

Giving back to the community

Often landowners approach us wishing to develop land but are conscious that this impacts the locality that they grew up in. With this in mind, we discuss a variety of options with our clients, based on their Local Authority’s Local Plan, national planning policy and the client’s appetite for exploring different avenues to try and secure planning permission.

In this instance, the landowner had a site that was in close proximity to a local school and nursery.  Given that schools have become an increasingly important focal point for many communities, highlighted by the ongoing pandemic, we have realised that more than ever that a sustainable village or town is one where people can easily access a school.

To this end, the client has sought to offer up land to the local school and nursery so that they could utilise some land adjacent to their school playing fields/garden areas. Making a positive contribution to our towns and villages, whether it be offering up green spaces, public art, new footpaths and play areas, can provide excellent opportunities to help the wider community benefit from new development proposals, whilst bringing about enhancements to the local environment.

Get in touch

Our knowledgeable and experienced planning consultants can help you put forward a robust case whether that’s for a PiP, full planning application or a planning appeal.

You can find more information about our PiP services here.

If you feel that you could benefit from planning support from one of our consultants then contact us via or call us on 01242 501003 to see how we can best assist you, providing the site address and a brief overview of your project.You can also submit your site via our Landmark Page. We value your privacy and any information which you provide will not be shared outside of our company and will only be used in relation to your enquiry.

IMAGE SOURCE: Context Land 2020