Wychavon barn conversion under Class Q permitted development rights

GPDO barnThe Plainview Planning Team have this week secured permission for a barn conversion under Class Q of the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO), through the Prior Approval process.

The challenge:

This was a complex and challenging case as the barn in question was not only located close to a listed building, it was also in a conservation area and largely in Flood Zone 3. On the face of it, the trio of these limiting factors suggested permitted development rights (PDR’s) would not be applicable for this scheme.

However, our planning consultants like a challenge and they set about working through each issue methodically.

Listed building and conservation area:

Thorough research into the site history enabled us to identify relevant evidence to argue that whilst the barn fell within ownership of the farmhouse, it could not be classed as ‘curtilage listed’. The barn had been erected after the official listing and, by virtue of its location, did not fall within the formal gardens of the listed building but rather on farmland.

We also identified that the site fell just outside the local conservation area too, removing another of the potential restrictions on site.

Flood zone 3:

The Environment Agency (EA) objected to the scheme on grounds of flood risk. We negotiated with the EA, suggesting a range of conditions and also provided 1m LIDAR data to show that a safe evacuation route was possible in the event of 1 in 100 year floods. The EA were satisfied and removed their objection.

The outcome:

We were able to secure consent by proving that the proposed development and its surrounds met the requirements of permitted development. Wychavon District Council deemed that prior approval would not be required and that Class Q (a) rights were applicable to this scheme.

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