Three steps to planning permission

As we fast approach submitting our 500th planning application we thought we would share three key lessons that we have learnt about how to approach the planning system.

1) Simplify

The planning system was not meant to be complicated, and yet Councils and consultants produce more and more documentation every year to support or resist developments. Whilst technical documentation is sometimes unavoidable, we always try and strip a project down to basics – is there a need for the development and does it cause identifiable harm?

2) Communicate

We find time and again that a concise, clear and well presented application is the best route to securing permission. It allows for effective communication with the local community, case officers and councillors. We try to make use of visuals and maps where appropriate, and our in-house design team make sure our documents are easy to read and navigate (like a recent example below).

3) Organise

Organisation is central to our success, especially given the high number of clients, sites and contacts we are handling every month. We run a bespoke database allowing us to effectively track applications, appeals and client relationships. This powerful resource allows us to add value to current and future projects by improving project management and information retention.

If you are looking for assistance in tackling the planning system do feel free to contact us for an informal discussion about strategy and the services we can provide – Contact Us