The importance of a comprehensive planning strategy – successful conversion of a dwelling into 3 flats in Barnet  

House to flats

Our recent approval for the conversion of an established dwelling into three self contained flats highlights the importance of having a comprehensive planning strategy.

We were approached to assist with a scheme to extend a residential dwelling and then convert it into flats. Previous planning applications had been submitted which had failed and our client needed advice on how best to move forward.

Preparing a planning strategy:

Our first action was to undertake a thorough review of previous and current applications and we prepared a comprehensive planning research summary; reviewing the planning history and assessing current proposals against national and local plan policy. From this vantage point we were then able to present a robust planning strategy, advising which elements of the scheme  were unlikely to be feasible in planning terms, and how best to pursue achieving permission for the overall objective

Making an effective case for planning:

We took on the current application for the extensions to the dwelling first and opened up communication with the case officer. Our proactive engagement, swift responses to queries following discussion with both client and architect, and effective negotiation meant that the application went to committee with a positive recommendation for the physical extensions to the dwelling.

Our next step was to work with our client to understand the key issues for consideration for the proposal to convert the dwelling to flats.  We undertook a review of the proposed plans, ensured that the proposed flats met the criteria in regards to national space, amenity and parking standards and advised as necessary.  We prepared the subsequent planning application on behalf of our client, which we negotiated through to a positive decision.


The planning approvals have meant that a single dwelling has been successfully converted into three self contained flats, which will provide a high standard of living for future residents and provide additional much needed housing to the local area.

This case highlights how planning consultants add value to schemes. In this case, assessment of the client’s proposals and guidance on strategy enabled the client to understand the sticking points and to adjust the scheme accordingly. This coupled with presentation of a robust application enabled the overall objective to be achieved where previously the applications were heading for refusal.   

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