Retrospective planning application approved for a dwelling in Brentwood, Essex  

newhomePlainview Planning have secured a retrospective planning approval for the subdivision of a dwelling to create a separate maisonette in Brentwood, Essex.

The challenge:

We were called in to assist after our client had been contacted by the council enforcement team.  Our client had converted a previously approved two storey side extension into what they believed to be a “granny flat”, but had confused permitted ancillary accommodation and had not realised that the conversion in fact constituted a separate dwelling which required planning permission. Further to this, the case officer’s report advised that they were inclined to recommend the scheme for refusal.

The solution:

Our planning consultants set about preparing a robust application which responded to the concerns raised by the case officer and identified relevant material considerations to justify a departure from certain limiting policies.

Key material considerations included evidence that Brentwood Council were not able to demonstrate a full five year supply of housing. Therefore their current adopted policies in regards to housing supply could not be considered up to date, and the presumption in favour of sustainable development held true.

We successfully argued that the creation of the separate dwelling would make a contribution towards housing supply, and the council acknowledged this. Furthermore, it would also help to improve the variety of housing on offer as we identified a limited provision of 1 bedroom dwellings in the local area.

The scheme was demonstrably sustainable, situated in close proximity to local services, had no impact on the existing street scene or neighbouring amenity and was compliant with both local and national policy.

Our extensive negotiation and engagement with the council resulted in a change of heart from the case officer and the application was approved.

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