Maximise your land value

Sites2013 will provide great opportunities for the development industry as the Government strives to boost the supply of housing across the country.

The 2013 Budget has offered an incentive to deliver more new houses through the ‘Help to Buy’ mortgage scheme, whilst the NPPF is now a year old and the Government has given local authorities until 27 March 2013 to bring their development plans in line with its policy requirements.

Where a local plan is out-of-date, local planning decisions will be determined in accordance with the principles of sustainable of development set out in the NPPF. All local authorities are now desperately reviewing their development plans to ensure that they are up-to-date and in accordance with the NPPF. Those that that have an out-of-date development plan will find that development will be forced upon them. This represents an excellent opportunity in which to promote your site now for inclusion within the Councils strategic housing supply or seek to secure a favourable planning permission.

At Plainview Planning, we will strive to maximise the value of your land through the planning system. We have an excellent record in unlocking development potential on both greenfield and brownfield land and in both rural and urban locations across the country. If you have a large garden, redundant commercial land, agricultural land or buildings, or any other land with development potential, we would like to hear from you.

Plainview Planning offer a number of land promotion packages depending on the needs of our clients and the nature of the land in question from fixed professional fees to land promotion agreements (

If you feel that you may have land suitable for development, please submit your site details to us using the web form below, or email us at or speak to one of advisers on 01242 501003