Problems with Maldon District Council Local Plan

The initial response to the submitted Maldon Local Plan by the Local Plan Inspector has raised significant concerns about its potential soundness.

It was identified that Maldon’s Local Plan did not base its housing assessment figures on robust foundations, suggesting that the Plan’s housing policies may be fundamentally flawed.

One needs to consider the potential impact of this not only in light of the Duty to Cooperate, the aim of which is to encourage positive, continuous partnership on issues that go beyond a single Local Planning Authority,  but also the impact of this on other policies in the plan such as retail provision and employment.  A question mark begins to be raised over the sustainability of the entire Plan.

The Council has conceded that it does not have a current five-year housing land supply – only some 1.8 years and it has been noted that the Plan’s allocation policies all suffer from a lack of the detail that is required in a Local Plan by Government policy.

Without a five year plan, the Local Planning Authority stands to be very vulnerable to planning appeals. Officers suggested that the Council may want to look at the possibility of bringing forward a number of smaller and more deliverable sites in the short term to boost the Council’s Five Year Land position.

If you feel that you may have land suitable for housing and would like our expert advice on the best way to promote your site in light of the problematic Maldon LDP then please don’t hesitate to contact us at for a considered and fresh approach to land promotion.