Planning permission for Sussex extension

Plainview Planning have successfully achieved planning permission in the face of 3 planning refusals, and an appeal dismissal. The aim was to be able to provide our client with feasible options for a new extension at his property, which had very limited space, and found itself surrounded closely by neighbours – competing for outlook and light.

Our approach was to consider a variety of options, supplemented by in-house 3D representations to help the Council truly visualise how a particular scheme, some previously dismissed, would impact the property and neighbours. Through this process, supported by rapport building with case officers, an application was submitted together with arguments backed up in case law and local precedent.

Through the thoughtful and careful application of correct strategy, and application of unique methods, we were able to achieve development in a place previously thought impossible, to the benefit of our client.

If you are interested in a feasibility study concerning your property, including strategy and assessment of chances, please get in contact via