Planning appeal and costs win for a granny annexe in Essex

annexeappealPlainview Planning are delighted with a recent appeal win for a change of use planning application, which sought to convert an existing outbuilding into a granny annexe.

The challenge:

Our client had submitted two previous applications seeking the change of use and conversion of an existing outbuilding so that it could provide ancillary accommodation for a close relative.  However, both applications had been refused by the local council. We were then approached to provide full planning consultancy support on their case.

The solution:

Close review of the two applications and the reasons for refusal highlighted that the local council perceived the conversion to be tantamount to the creation of an independent dwelling.  However, our planning consultants identified key flaws in the decision making process and in the application of local policy.  We felt our client’s refusal was ripe for appeal.

We presented robust arguments identifying a misinterpretation of the original application and further justified how the annexe could not be classed as an independent dwelling.

We assuaged concerns about the future use of the building by reiterating how a condition could be used to ensure that the annexe would remain ancillary to the main dwelling.

Our planning team also presented relevant case law to further strengthen our position and reinforce that the proposed granny annexe, in this context, met the necessary requirements and was ancillary accommodation.

In the appeal decision, the Planning Inspector identified that the original proposal appeared to have been misunderstood.  Additionally, whilst the Council had refused the proposed condition to ensure the annexe’s ancillary status, the Inspector found their decision unsupported by objective analysis and contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).  The appeal was allowed and full costs were awarded.

Plainview Planning is an independent town and country planning consultancy and we are the retained planning consultants for a number of granny annexe providers. If you feel your project would benefit from professional consultancy support then contact our knowledgeable team via to see how we can best assist.