Obtaining advertisement consent

We have had an increasing number of clients seeking permission for outdoor advertisements as the set of rules and regulations that control advertisements is rather complicated.

The main purpose of the advertisement control system is to ensure that outdoor advertising contributes positively to the appearance of an attractive environment.

The advertisement control system covers a very wide range of advertisements and signs including: posters and notices; fascia signs and projecting signs; pole signs, and canopy signs; flag advertisements etc. Many of these advertisements would actually constitute permitted development if they comply with the size standards and extensive display regulations. Some temporary notices are also allowed if they are only displayed for a short period.

Advertisement consent will be required where these extensive regulations cannot be met and this means that permission will be required for: virtually all posters; some illuminated signs; some fascia signs and projecting signs where top edge is more than 4.6m above ground level; and most advertisements on gable ends.

Plainview Planning has excellent experience in understanding the advertisement regulations and gaining advertisement consent. If you would like to discuss your advertising needs with one of our planning consultants, please contact us on 01242 501003 or email