Planning application for new housing in Maidstone

We have been instructed to submit a planning application for a housing development in the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) to Maidstone Borough Council. Aside from the AONB designation, there are significant other problems and constraints to overcome, such as landscape designations, issues over settlement coalescence, and the fact that the site is outside development boundaries.

Complicating matters further, Maidstone Council are able to demonstrate that they are meeting housing targets. However, through in depth analysis of local housing needs issues, we have been able to demonstrate that market housing development is in fact needed in proximity to the site.

We have also been able to show that the proposed market housing will help to ensure the vitality of the surrounding rural villages and communities by supporting local pubs, shops, transport, and other facilities and services which are in danger of closing – this in part was demonstrated via analysis of local demographics and population statistics.

The development itself has been designed in a way so that it makes a positive environmental contribution to the AONB, helping to re-enforce a positive relationship between the built and natural environments.

Combined, we have provided a powerful argument in favour of approving planning permission to Maidstone Council.

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