Major residential planning applications – latest statistics

Plainview Planning have been reviewing the latest planning application data published by

Our analysis has shown that during January to March 2014 a total of 303 Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) determined 1,632 major residential planning applications, which can be defined as those consisting of 10 or more dwellings or relate to a site of 0.5 hectares or more.

84% of these applications were approved which is encouraging, and suggests that progress is being made at tackling housing supply issues.

Unfortunately, 38 LPAs refused at least half of their major applications. The worst offenders are listed below:

We were also surprised to note that many of the LPAs listed do not have a post-NPPF Local Plan in place, and yet still resist major residential applications. The NPPF makes clear that development which is sustainable should go ahead, without delay. Further to this, it states that the planning system should play an active role in guiding development to sustainable solutions, working with the applicant rather than against them.

We appreciate that a number of these authorities are faced with understandable restrictions such as green belt or National Park designations. Others, such as Maldon District Council who currently can only show a 1.8 year housing supply, do not benefit from such excuses.

If you are involved with a major residential planning application and require planning consultancy support please contact for more information.