London Borough of Havering ‘call for sites’

The London Borough of Havering is in the process of reviewing and updating its database of potential new development sites across the borough.

They are seeking details of any suitable new development sites that are not already included in the adopted development plan, specifically housing sites which are capable of delivering five or more dwellings and sites with the potential for economic development that are 0.25 hectares and above.  The deadline for submissions is the 6th October 2014.

All sites put forward as part of this ‘call for sites’ consultation will be assessed by the Council, in accordance with the National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG). This could be the first step towards securing a favourable planning solution and could significantly increase the value of your site.

Plainview Planning regularly promote land as potential strategic development sites on behalf of landowners and developers and offer a variety of services and packages from fixed fee arrangements, where we promote the land at a set fee, to promotion agreements, where we would take on some of the initial risk but would be reimbursed once a planning allocation or consent is achieved and the land has been sold on.

If you feel that you may have land suitable for a housing site or economic development and would like expert advice on the best way to promote your site through the LB Havering Call for Sites consultation, please contact us at to discuss ways in which we could assist.