Land promotion – a better option?

Land Promotion Agreements are an increasingly popular alternative to the use of the more traditional Option Agreements and Planning Conditional deals.

Plainview Planning can offer professional expertise and funding to effectively promote your land into an emerging Local Development Framework or Site Allocations DPD.  Upon allocation it is then possible to confidently apply for planning permission or look to sell the land to developers. Our services can sometimes be provided on a joint-venture basis.

Generally, Promotion Agreements are more attractive than Option Agreements as the parties work together to maximise the value of the land.  Under an Option Agreement, by contrast, the developer is motivated to maximise its own profit by purchasing the land from the owner as cheaply as possible.

Current Position

Many Councils are currently preparing Local Development Frameworks that will eventually replace the existing Local Plan or Unitary Development Plan. This presents an opportunity for a landowner to get involved in the consultation process and try and get their land included as a future development site.

We can help coordinate your promotion efforts to make sure that the Council is provided with persuasive documentation about your site and the right groups are lobbied at the right time.

We monitor the status of Local Development Frameworks throughout the country and are well placed to guide you through the administrative and political process.

Many Councils are close to adopting their Frameworks which will close the door on consultation for 5+ years – so despite the current economic gloom there isn’t a better time to get that valuable site allocation.

For further information on Land Promotion and development options please contact the team via to see how we can best help you.