How to object to a planning application

If you have received a letter from the Council informing you of a nearby planning application and you wish to object to the proposal you may not know where to start.

There are specific ways in which you can object to a planning application:

  • Via the Council’s online Public Access system;
  • A formal letter of objection to case officer;
  • Local  petitions;
  • Lobbying your local Councillor.

Constructing an effective objection letter can be difficult. It is very important to object to the proposal on ‘planning grounds’ – you must always relate your objection back to a specific policy within the Council’s Development Plan. Many objection letters we see are simply too personal and do not relate to planning policy. These are often simply ignored by the Planning Officer.

Here at Plainview Planning we offer a thorough planning objection service. We will look at the proposed development and form appropriate arguments that relate back to the development plan. You can then either submit the objection as your comments or submit the objection under the name of Plainview Planning.

We regularly act on behalf of private individuals, resident associations and companies for a whole range of development proposals. If necessary we can represent you at committee meetings, informal hearings or Public Inquiries.

If you wish to object to a proposal and want your objection to be duly considered by the Council, please give us a call  or email – we would be happy to talk you through the options.