Getting your planning application validated

Invalid applications are frustrating for applicant and Local Planning Authority alike. Neglectful applicants often submit substandard applications, but equally Local Planning Authorities commonly request superfluous documents.

Before you submit always make sure you have reviewed the national and local application requirements. This is commonly referred to as a Validation Checklist. As a bare minimum the following will always be required regardless of the type of application:

  • Location plan @ 1:1250;
  • Application fee (unless applying as a ‘free-go’);
  • Existing and proposed floorplans (if changes are being proposed);
  • Existing and proposed elevations (if external changes are being proposed);
  • Completed and signed application forms;
  • Completed and signed ownership certificates.

We always recommend preparing a supporting statement reviewing the site context, history, national policy, local policy and any other material considerations.

Once you believe that you have all the necessary documentation you can submit with confidence.

My Council still want more documentation!

Should your Local Planning Authority start requesting additional documentation we recommend that your remind them of validation guidance – Section 3 of Guidance on Information Requirements and Validation (DCLG, March 2010).

The key points are:

  • Some LPAs are too rigid in their validation requirements (para 26);
  • LPAs should make proportionate requests for information (para 27);
  • In some circumstances the supporting information may be inadequate or its quality maybe a concern. These are not grounds for invalidating applications. (para 34).

If you reach an impasse with your Local Planning Authority then you do have the option of a non-determination appeal, otherwise you will have to reluctantly comply.

If you are struggling with your application, or meeting your Council’s validation requirements, please feel free to contact us direct – We can undertake or arrange all common application requirements.

A typical Validation Checklist

This list is taken from North Somerset’s National and Local List of Planning Application Requirements (January 2012). The below reports are not always required, but where necessary the Council can legitimately ask for them.

  • Location Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Ownership certificates and notifications
  • Agricultural Holdings Certificate
  • Planning fee calculation
  • Design and Access Statements
  • Existing and proposed elevations to scale
  • Existing and proposed floorplans to scale
  • Existing and proposed site sections, finished floor levels and site levels
  • Existing and proposed roof plans
  • Affordable Housing Statement
  • Ecological Survey and Report
  • Economic Regeneration Statement
  • Energy Statement
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Flood Risk Sequential and Exceptions Tests
  • Retail Sequential Test
  • Retail Health Check
  • Foul Sewerage Assessment
  • Heritage Statement
  • Land Contamination Assessment
  • Noise Impact Assessment
  • Open Space Assessment
  • Planning Statement
  • Planning Obligations / Draft Heads of Terms
  • Site Waste Management Plan
  • Transport Assessment
  • Travel Plan
  • Tree Survey
  • Ventilation / Extraction Statement