Effective land promotion

Our recent success at Maldon District Council, where we obtained planning permission for 105 market and affordable dwellings outside a settlement boundary, is yet another example of our effective working practice in strategic land promotion.

We are adept at reviewing the potential of land for development or for inclusion within local plans, and assessing and establishing a robust case for sites, ensuring schemes are rooted in economic, social and ecological grounds.

Case Study:

Putting the Case for a 28 New Home Application in Dover


The site appeared to be well placed to accommodate a 28 home new build scheme, benefiting from solid local infrastructure, transport amenity and the conurbation of Dover located approximately 4km to the south.


The site was designated as ‘Open Space’, with Core Strategy Policy DM25 seeking to resist development on such sites.  It also partially fell within the ‘A2 Safeguarding Zone’ and was adjacent to an area identified as the ‘Managed Expansion of Whitfield’.

Pre application advice from the council highlighted further concerns relating to highways, noise and loss of space.


We justified the development site as a supplement to the Council’s availability of windfall sites.  Since Dover District Council was experiencing a housing shortage, they would be required to determine residential applications positively and in line with the sustainable principles of the NPPF.  We provided robust evidence to show how the site met the key tenets of sustainability.

We also engaged with the Local Planning Authority, Highways and the Tree and Hedge Officer at Dover District Council to mitigate any pre application concerns.

Our negotiations resulted in the officer agreeing that the principle of redevelopment on the site was acceptable.

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