CiL and self-build

Yesterday the  Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations were amended, providing an exemption to self-builders.

The previous charge added considerable cost in some cases to the expense of building a home. For example a typical 4-bedroom house could be liable to pay £15,000 in community infrastructure levy if a council was charging £100 per square metre for residential development in that area.

The axing of the levy for people building their own home is part of the government’s determination to boost housing supply and help aspiring self-builders get their home off the ground.

The all important definitions are set out in length within the new regulations:

Self-build housing is a dwelling built by a person (including where built following a commission by a person) and occupied by a person as a person’s sole or main residence.

This is a small but positive step to encourage small scale residential development, and one that many of our clients will be able to take advantage of immediately.

If you are interested in the implications of the new regulations on your self-build development, please feel free to contact us.