Approval granted for alterations to Grade II listed flats 

FluesPlanning permission and Listed Building Consent have been granted for a scheme which will provide a much needed replacement to a failing central heating system, across several blocks of flats.  The matter was complicated by the Grade II listing of the blocks and that the scheme required flues to be installed to the exterior of the building.

We were approached by the client after a recent application was refused.  The council were concerned about the impact of the flues on the heritage asset and were not convinced that other options, which in their view would have less of an immediate effect to the exterior of the listed building, had been explored in depth.

Previous attempts to replace the communal system had been the subject of planning applications since 2010 and this final scheme provided the solution to the heating conundrum.

The application we presented reflected months of detailed investigation and collaborative working with all involved. It successfully justified:

  • why the proposed scheme represented the only technically viable solution for the ongoing heating of the building;
  • that the location of the flues to the rear of each block ensure that the areas of established historical significance, remain unaltered and intact;
  • that the proposed system would allow individual control of heating and hot water to each flat, a far more efficient and sustainable approach.

We undertook extensive discussions with the local council and relevant stakeholders, ensuring the resubmission sought to answer all questions and would meet the requirements as set out in the local development plan.

The council agreed that the proposal was sound and that any impact on the heritage asset was outweighed by the long term benefits of the scheme for both the residents and in ensuring the continued upkeep of the building.