Planning approval to develop pub car park into residential dwelling, North Oxfordshire

Plainview Planning are delighted with a recent approval by Cherwell District Council for an outline development of a single dwelling house, with all matters reserved.

The planning issue:

We were originally approached to explore development options on the site, which consisted of a car parking facility for an adjacent pub. The car park had been unused for 11 years and the pub had been converted into a residential unit several years previously. Whilst the site was in the centre of a village, the village itself was deemed ‘isolated’ and previous attempts to develop the site and its surrounds had been refused.

Development options:

Due to the complex nature of the land, we undertook a feasibility study which identified that whilst the site had several key constraints, it also represented a prime opportunity for the sustainable re-use of a defunct plot and the possibility to improve a visual amenity gap within the village.

We presented a number of residential development options in line with the opportunities and constraints identified by the study, which informed the subsequent submission of an outline planning application for our client.

Visualising development potential:

Whilst a written document presents the arguments, we felt that a visual representation would also be of benefit. In light of the constraints and in order to show the Local Planning Authority that a dwelling could be accommodated without detrimental amenity impact, our urban design team produced an indicative ‘massing’ model.

The indicative massing plan was not to be taken as a final scheme, rather its purpose was to show that a modest sized detached dwelling could be accommodated within the confines of the site and to demonstrate that such a development had the potential to contribute positively.

Our planning consultants and urban designers regularly explore development options for sites and provide indicative site plans and ‘massing’ models. If you think your scheme could benefit from such input then please don’t hesitate to contact us at to see how best we can assist.