Approval for a contemporary extension to a historic school in Wimbledon 

LB MertonPlainview Planning are delighted with the recent planning approval from the London Borough of Merton for an extension to an education facility in Wimbledon.

The scheme: 

The proposed scheme sought to erect a timber studio within the grounds of a preparatory school, to be used as an activity room.  The studio was not intended to be used as a conventional classroom but would provide much needed outdoor activity space to enable students to learn, create and play.
Whilst the scheme was demonstrably sustainable, the site had a number of major constraints which needed to be carefully negotiated.

The problem:

The Preparatory School’s main building is a redbrick Victorian property which is locally listed.  The site is also located within the Wimbledon West Conservation Area and in an area of Archaeological Priority.

The solution:

In light of these constraints, the project had to be carefully considered and seek to compliment both the heritage asset and the conservation area whilst still meeting the requirements of use to function effectively for the students.
Our research into local and national policy and knowledge of relevant case law fed into the design.  The proposed size and materials of the studio were carefully considered to help it to assimilate into its location and the surrounding buildings. Whilst the proposal was contemporary in style, it provided a clear contrast between old and new.
We assessed the suggested location of the studio and noted that it was not visible from any public vantage points, thus protecting the street scene and ensuring limited impact on the heritage asset.
We identified how the proposed scheme met requirements of local and national policies in regards to the provision of improved education facilities; the studio would enhance the school’s offer and provide a room for activities away from the conventional classroom.
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