Approval for a change of use in Braintree 

Plainview Planning has recently secured permission for a  sui generis change of use, for a hand  car wash and valeting business on a site in Braintree.

Sui generis is a term utilised for certain uses which do not fall within any use class. Examples include: theatres, houses in multiple occupation, petrol filling stations and in this case, a hand car wash and valeting business.

The proposed scheme sought the redevelopment and change of use of the site to provide car washing facilities, including the installation of an office kiosk and the provision of three car parking spaces.

Local policy stipulates that development for employment uses must be concentrated on suitable sites where housing, employment and other facilities can be provided close together.

Since the application site was located just outside a designated employment area, we presented a robust case to support the application and demonstrate that the car wash would be a welcome addition and much needed service for the local area and that the proposed use would not have a detrimental impact upon the surrounding area.

Plainview Planning has regular success in securing planning permission for change of use planning applications.  If you require change of use guidance, then contact us at