Appeal submitted for a self build eco-house, outside the settlement boundary

selfbuild eco house, IPT Architects

We have recently submitted a planning appeal in support of a self-build scheme for an eco-dwelling, on land situated outside the settlement boundary near Deal, Dover.

Review and strategy:

We were approached to assist after the original application had been refused. The core reasons for refusal related to the site location outside the village confines and the perceived impact upon the character and appearance of the area.

Following our review of the original application, the decision notice and our knowledge of the local policy position, we felt that the Council’s conclusion and decision to refuse the application represented a misunderstanding of what was being proposed and failure to appreciate the benefits the scheme would bring.

Our planning team have prepared a suitable appeal strategy and the necessary documents for a robust appeal submission. We also hope that the appeal process will mean that this innovative self-build scheme is given an opportunity to be properly considered.

Dover’s 5 year housing land supply (5YHLS) and self-build schemes:

Our appeal submission identifies how the proposed development can be considered acceptable in principle, whilst responding to concerns raised during the application process.  Our research included:

+ a review of Dover’s 5YHLS, which we found to be a less than 3.5 years housing land supply;

+ evidence to show a strong need and a lack of supply for self-build housing in Dover District;

+ a context review to show how the design will complement the landscape and listed setting;

+ evidence to show sustainable qualities of the site despite its location outside of the settlement boundary.

The proposed scheme, which was designed by IPT Architects, seeks a high-quality but visually low impact building that would assimilate into its surroundings, through the use of careful design and choice of materials. We hope that the appeal process will provide an opportunity for the scheme to be given the due consideration it deserves.

How we can help you:

In the meantime, our work on this particular case has thrown up some interesting points in relation to Dover’s lack of a 5YHLS and their lack of pertinent policies in relation to self-build housing provision. If you have land for development or are interested in exploring the planning potential for a self-build scheme then contact our team of knowledgeable planning consultants via to see how we can best assist you.

IMAGE SOURCE: IPT Architects 2017