100 dwellings in South Somerset

Plainview Planning are are providing planning and urban design services for a site that will deliver up to 100 homes in Somerset.

The 8 hectare site will help meet an identified housing need in a Primary Settlement, but also provide much needed public open space.

Recent appeal decisions for development in South Somerset have established that there is a housing need within the district and that there is no five year housing land supply in place. Given this, the NPPF advises that relevant policies for the supply of housing should not be considered up to date and that proposals for development must be considered within the context of the NPPF and a presumption in favour of sustainable development.

Preliminary ecological, topographical, flood, arboricultual, traffic and landscape reports have informed the ‘parameters’ of the development area. This has lead to an initial design framework which takes into account the site’s particular opportunities and constraints, and local context.

If you wish to discuss this project, or how Planview Planning can help you with similar proposals, please contact Catherine Hoyte  (