From a single residential dwelling to large-scale strategic development, we provide informed and practical planning support every step of the way.

Whether you are seeking to assess the feasibility of a site, convert an existing building into housing, appeal a refusal, or submit a planning application for an urban housing scheme; we provide effective planning consultancy services.


Often the principle of housing developments within existing towns and cities is accepted by the Council. However, development projects in an urban environment need to be carefully handled. The challenge is negotiating wide-ranging considerations from density rates to impact on local amenity, overlooking to loss of light, and ensuring effective engagement with all relevant stakeholders. Key to our success is our experience, ability to listen, engage productively, anticipate and action.

Project examples include: 2 homes in Oxford; 9 dwellings on designated open space; 5 homes on a site where the developer had previously been refused; and 105 homes in an existing village close to a train station   MORE

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Securing planning permission for flats can be complicated. The increased density of the site often brings about greater scrutiny from Councils and communities. We are adept at navigating relevant policy requirements, negotiating effectively with case officers and regularly undertake public consultations to ensure local communities understand the benefits of the proposal.

Our project examples include: 6 new flats on a tight urban site; public consultation on 17 flats; 791 student flats adjacent to a conservation area; redevelopment of a brownfield site to 6 flats; and 26 build-to-rent flats   MORE


Residential conversions are becoming increasingly popular, either as a means of meeting housing need or in order to maximise the use of an asset. Depending on the type and scale of your conversion there are a variety of different approaches, including Prior Approval, Certificate of Lawfulness, or a full planning application.

Examples of our conversion projects include: conversion of a Grade II listed office to a family home in Westminster; converting a derelict pub to 7 flats in Worcester; and the conversion of a Grade II listed art gallery to 3 dwellings   MORE

We enjoy helping to create developments that respect local character, make efficient use of a site, and provide for the needs of the local community. Contact the Plainview Planning team to see how we can best assist you in your urban development aims.


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